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shabeer ALI  01.05.2012
Mashaallha,iam in a zenith happiness while going through this site.May allha bless all of you........
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Tess  09.10.2009
The best site I have ever visited of the other related sites, it has been translated into many languages in the world, and what is more it has some kind of participation programs we would participate in the global pool of prayer, thanks...
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zuhre koyu  11.09.2009
subhannall... its heart trembling to see this is english,, much needed readings/explanations
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UlugBey  22.06.2009
Allah razi olsun. cok guzel hazirlanmis. oyle ki yabanci arkadaslarimla dahi paylasabilirim. Tesekkurler.
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